LockDex announces LDX Stage 1 presale

To achieve the milestones we have included in our roadmap, we open LDX presale for a short period of time. We look forward to making an accessible platform for all users, beginner, and experienced alike. 🔒

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🔒 LockDex is secure DEX for everyone 🔒

Presale Information

🔒$LDX Token Contract Address:

🌐 0xe5d800aadff7db89cfd52398a05f271fd0ed1e61

Bounce Presale:

🌐 https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/4964

LockDex is Secure DEX with Rewards

DeFi has produces several developments that we are proud of. In particular, farming pools provide crypto enthusiasts with a seamless method for passive income. By staking tokens, they receive rewards in pool tokens. It takes only a few minutes to create an LP and getting started. LockDex aims to take this approach to the next step by leveraging security with competitive APYs.

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LockDex — Secure DEX, Large APYs & Rewards

🤔How Does it Work?

Any user can take tokens available in Uniswap V2 LPs. We are creating a user-friendly UI at https://app.lockdex.org/ so that users can deposit and access LPs from the browser using…


Safest DEX · Stake tokens · Earn rewards · lockdex.org

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